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Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Car Shipping

Posted on August 5, 2013

Shipping your vehicle from overseas can be a daunting prospect, one that seems fraught with potential headaches and sleepless nights. But by following some simple tips, you can ensure that it is a painless process and that your car is in your possession as soon as possible.

Top 10 tips when shipping a car:

  1. Plan ahead. If you can, start organising the shipping of your car as early as possible. Just a couple of weeks notice is all that is needed for a shipping company like McCullough to get things organised.
  2. Choose your shipping company carefully as they will be instrumental in how smoothly the shipping of your vehicle will go. You may get quoted from different companies, be sure you don’t make your decision based on price only. Make sure there are no hidden costs at destination! Look for a company that has been established for some time and has a track record of importing vehicles into your country of destination.
  3. Before shipping it, check that your car is allowed on New Zealand safety standards like frontal impact and emissions (McCullough Ltd can do this for you).
  4. Empty the fuel tank so that it is no more than a quarter full, or your vehicle can’t be shipped.
  5. MAF will be checking for mud underneath your car and leaves and other plant material caught in the grills so have your car cleaned thoroughly inside and outside, especially the underside, the engine bay and the boot.
  6. If possible, avoid any inner cargo i.e. suitcases of clothes, sports equipment, etc, as it may delay Customs clearance.
  7. If you must ship inner cargo, you must declare everything that is shipped with your car.
  8. If the shipping route goes over the equator, we recommend that you put moisture absorbers in the pockets of the driver and passenger seat to avoid damage to your car’s upholstery. McCullough will always put moisture absorbers in your car for you as part of the service.
  9. Take comprehensive marine insurance from pick-up point to delivery. Most shipping companies (like us at McCullough) will be able to organise this for you.
  10. Take close-up photos of your car, inside and outside, as they will be required should you need to make a claim.

For more information about car and vehicle shipping, contact us, phone us on +64 9 303 0075, or get a free quote

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