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For over 20 years McCullough has invested their expertise and heart into making car shipping for you as simple as 1-2-3. We’ll ship Customs and MAF clear your car for you anytime, anywhere. Get your free quote now. It’s that simple.

Your 1-2-3 step service.


Step 1 : Pick up at origin and packing Step 2 : Shipping Step 3 : Delivery to your door


We provide and handle the complete process i.e. shipping, Customs and MAF clearance, packing, transport, delivery and insurance.

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Car Shipping Key Tips:

  1. Ensure your car complies with New Zealand Standards (and is allowed on New Zealand roads) by getting it checked before you ship it.
  2. Ensure your car has less than a quarter of fuel in tank (it won’t be shipped with more).
  3. Ensure that you thoroughly clean inside and out, paying particular attention to the underside and engine bay and boot.
    MAF will be looking for mud underneath and leaves trapped in the grills.
  4. Advise if there is inner cargo (e.g. golf clubs, suitcase of clothes)
  5. If your car is going over the equator, put moisture absorbers (like Damp Rid) in the pockets of the driver and passenger seat.
  6. Lower cars (to avoid the bottom scraping out) need to have:
    a. Special car transporters i.e. flat bed trucks.
    b. Special ramps to get it in and out of the container.
    i. We can provide these things as part of our service.
  7. We recommend you consider marine insurance.
    a. Remember to take close up photos of every side of your car – internal and external.
    b. Our A Clause Cover provides coverage from pickup at origin to delivery at destination.



“Southampton to Auckland – wharf to garage. 35 days. Hundreds of dollars saved from specialised advice on complying with NZ vehicle standards and MAF requirements. Frequent updates with photos, phone calls and personal inspections.  Would defiantly recommend McCullough”
Steve Vann – Mar 2011

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