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What are the advantages of importing a car to New Zealand?

Posted on August 26, 2021 – Shipping Vehicles

What are the advantages of importing a car to New Zealand?

If you have ever considered buying a car from overseas and then privately importing it to New Zealand, you may have wondered whether it’s really worth it. We deal with Kiwis going through the car importing process every day, and we have found that when you do the right due diligence and ensure you are using a trustworthy shipping provider, privately importing your next car can be an excellent choice!
Here are some of the advantages we have observed when it comes to buying a car offshore then getting it shipped to NZ.


Buying a car overseas means you have more selection than in New Zealand

Countries with larger populations simply have more vehicles to choose from. Japan, for example, has around 500,000 cars auctioned per month online. 10% of the Kiwi population would have to sell their car per month for us to have that amount of choice here! 


Even including the price of shipping to NZ and GST, you could get a bargain by buying a vehicle overseas

Many offshore car markets have higher turnover than ours and much more supply. So, cars are available at more competitive prices. Generally if the car is worth under $7,000NZD, it’s likely to be already available on the New Zealand market, or the cost of importing is higher than the savings. However, cars at the higher end of the market are available at significantly cheaper margins overseas, even when factoring in importation costs. 


The car of your dreams might not be available in New Zealand

We are proud to have helped unite thousands of Kiwis with their ultimate vehicle; check out our gallery of unique cars we have imported to NZ from the UK, America, Japan and beyond! Classic car enthusiasts in particular are more likely to find the car they are looking for overseas; if you are prepared to import your vehicle, you are much more likely to be able to make that awesome limited-edition car from ’85 your own!

Using a specialised car importer ensures you get your vehicle to NZ safely and without unexpected costs

If you make the choice to buy a car overseas then import it to New Zealand, you should absolutely use an expert shipping company. There are several compliance factors to consider and many dangers associated with importing a vehicle without professional help. On the other hand, by using a vehicle importing specialist you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your shiny new car will encounter no issues or fines at customs!
If you have your eye on your dream vehicle overseas and would like to discuss your options with the McCulloughs shipping team, our friendly experts are here to make the process as simple and stress-free for you as possible. Contact us to learn more about how you could get the car you have always wanted, no matter where in the world it is. 

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