Boat Shipping: 3 step process, costs and key tips.

Shipping a boat to New Zealand? Shipping a boat from New Zealand? For over 20 years McCullough has invested their expertise and heart into making boat shipping for you as simple as 1-2-3. We’ll ship, Customs and MAF clear your car for you anytime, anywhere. Get your free quote now. It’s that simple.

Your 1-2-3 step service.

Step 1 : Pick up at origin and packing Step 2 : Shipping Step 3 : Delivery to your door


We provide and handle the complete process i.e. shipping, Customs and MAF clearance, packing, transport, delivery and insurance.

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Boat Shipping Key Tips:

  1. Ensure that you pack the boat up as small as possible (as cost of freight is worked out on cubic measurement – it can save you thousands of dollars).
    a. Can the flybridge, wake board tower, keel, mast, bowsprit or radar arch be removed (the labour costs for removing these will be significantly cheaper than freighting in its original state)
  2. Where possible avoid water lifts at ports – as they’re expensive
    a. Your boat can be lifted out at a nearby marina and trucked to the port if your boat is packed low enough to be transported on the road.
  3. Ensure your boat has less than a quarter of fuel in tank (it won’t be shipped with more).
  4. Ensure that you disconnect the battery.
  5. Ensure that you’ve removed any fire extinguisher/s (it won’t be shipped with any).
  6. Ensure that you thoroughly clean inside and out, paying particular attention to the hull and trailer or cradle of your boat.
    a. MAF will be looking for mud, leaves or seeds (plant material)
  7. Advise if there is inner cargo (e.g. golf clubs, suitcase of clothes)
    a. Where possible – try to avoid inner cargo as it increases cost and clearance time.
  8. For security reasons, remove and package up all electronics
    a. Either hide them in your boat or courier them to your delivery point.
  9. Ensure you consider marine insurance (we can provide this we will advise on the best policy to meet your individual needs covering pickup at origin to delivery at destination): Remember to:
    a. Take close up photos of every side of your boat – internal and external.



“I was nervous about shipping my boat – particularly spending heaps of money and getting landed with errors and hit with additional costs. McCullough did exactly what they promised. I calculated that McCullough saved me 1000s of dollars and countless hours, by taking control and handling everything AND offering me clever insights and recommendations. Their shipping process was faultless and they managed my budget and expectations meticulously.”
Aaron Buxlink – Dec 2010 

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