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Shipping Anything Overseas This Christmas? Then Don’t Watch These Films!

Posted on December 23, 2013

Scared People Hold Hands Christmas is just around the corner and with it the prospect of family gatherings and watching a good movie together. If you have recently loaded your vehicle or any other treasured possessions onto a vessel and are feeling a bit anxious, here are the sea disaster films and TV Series you definitely do NOT want to watch over the holiday!

The Perfect Storm
You may feel tempted by George Clooney – who wouldn’t? – but this tale of a doomed commercial fishing boat may raise your blood pressure. Inspired by true events, the final scene featuring a particularly jaw-dropping gigantic wave which the tiny ship (in comparison) hopelessly tries to ride is a reminder of how powerless we are in front of Nature.

A relatively unknown TV Series, this otherwise gripping story follows the investigation of a marine biologist into a genetically-engineered species of sea monsters living at the bottom of the oceans. They’re big, much bigger than the ship your possessions are on, and they could gobble it up for breakfast. They heal fast, are almost indestructible and can electrocute you. The seas are definitely not safe. Did we mention they are amphibians and partial to human flesh…? Titanic Perhaps the most famous ship in the world, the James Cameron’s movie needs no synopsis. What you will take from it is this: no ship is unsinkable.

Captain Phillips
Another film inspired by true events, it narrates how a merchant ship was hijacked by modern-day Somalian pirates in 2009, and the ordeal her crew went through. Incredibly, no one was injured but it will make you realise that there are some very real threats out there.

So, you are warned. Those films, and a lot many more, will feed your nightmares until you are reunited with your belongings. Don’t give in to our human fascination with being scared. Just don’t watch them!

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