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McCullough Teams Up with VW Campervan Expert Restoration Team to Bring Classic Vehicles to NZ

Posted on August 1, 2016

Combie Dash shotThere are few things you might expect to link celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, rock god Pete Townsend and Formula 1 superstar Jenson Button – but they have all professed a shared love of super-stylish VW Campervans.

And now, thanks to McCullough linking up with an international team of specialist restorers, you too can join the Kombi club here in New Zealand.

First appearing in 1950, Volkswagen’s pioneering mix of chic design and practicality spent more than half a century in production until the final factory – strangely enough based in Brazil – shut down on December 31, 2013.

Since then, fans and would-be owners have scoured the world’s scrap yards and abandoned garages to look for Kombis in need of a little tender loving restoration.

And because McCullough has a proven track record in shipping vehicles around the world, we have tracked down the very best VW Kombi experts who will not only ensure that you receive a bright, shiny good-as-new van – but that it will be specially designed to exactly your specifications.

Buying a newly restored campervan via McCullough is much like buying a new car… only with more bespoke options.

Just some of your choices include:

  • Either the classic split windscreen or the more modern single, bay option.
  • One of six different interior layouts.
  • Type of wood used for cabinetry.
  • Interior fabrics and vinyls.
  • Exterior colours.

True to the VW Campervan ethos – which, of course, saw them become the classic counterculture symbol of freewheeling, free-spirited folk from 60s hippies through to millennial travellers – each of our revamped vehicles is individually named.

rusty combieOur first new arrival, Liesl, was ordered in February 2015 and following a wholesale restoration project (typically each Kombi takes around 920 hours to complete over a period of around 12 months) has just rolled off a boat on to New Zealand roads.

What all the customers have in common is the need to have the process carried out precisely and seamlessly – from electrics and reconditioned engine and gearbox to fully bespoke interior design, and, most importantly for New Zealand, to importing the finished vehicle into the country.

This is where McCullough excels. Our outstanding record of importing cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans and campervans from Europe, Australia and the United States means that we understand the full implications of Customs and MAF clearance and can help ensure that your pride and joy conforms with New Zealand’s road rules.

Although “Liesl” was restored in line with all our expert restorers’ previous rebuilds, because it was the first time that one of their projects had been shipped into New Zealand, it set the standard for our ongoing importing process.

The restorers therefore visited New Zealand to ensure all their work would meet with New Zealand Transport’s compliance standards – this is especially important because “restored” vehicles trigger different checks and tests when brought into the country.

Now this relationship between McCullough and our VW campervan experts has seen its first success story – and there’s already a total of six vehicles heading our way – we feel it’s time to show Kiwis exactly what’s on offer. So we’ve compiled this gallery of photos from a recent bare-metal, ground-up restoration project called “Theo” to show how a rusting pile of sandy scrap metal can become your very own perfectly restored, personally designed VW campervan.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of classic motoring history or you’d like more information on how we can import a restored VW Kombi into New Zealand, call us on +64 9 303 0075



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