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Should I Import a Caravan to NZ from the UK or USA?

Posted on December 19, 2022 – Caravans & Motorhomes

Should I Import a Caravan to NZ from the UK or USA?

If you’re looking to import a caravan to New Zealand, you may wonder which country is best to buy and import from. The team at McCullough are here to help! We are specialised vehicle and caravan importers in New Zealand and can help you transport vehicles of all kinds to NZ from the UK and the USA. 


Learn what to consider and the varying benefits of importing from these two countries.


Why import a caravan from the UK or USA?

Importing a caravan to New Zealand is a beneficial choice if you want access to the international market. Additionally, buying abroad and importing to NZ can save you money. Internationally imported vehicles are often cheaper than those available in the local market.


Type, brand, and model

Want more variety when purchasing your travel vehicle? Import a caravan to New Zealand. Both the UK and USA vehicle markets offer you a wider range of brands and models. Expanding your options allows you to find a model that suits your needs.


When there is a larger market to choose from, you are more likely to find better value for your money. When comparing the US and UK car models, people historically consider British cars statelier and US cars brasher. However, when considering caravans and motorhomes, there seems to be a larger market in the US. Statistics show more than 200,000 motorhomes and caravans are produced in the USA—compared to 20,000 caravans and 7,000 motorhomes in the UK.


Import time

Time is important to consider when planning to import a caravan to New Zealand. The UK is further away from New Zealand than the US, so naturally, the import process will take longer. If you are looking to receive a car quickly, you may want to opt for a USA import. However, the timing between the two isn’t vast, so if time isn’t a pressing issue, UK and USA vehicle imports are both options to consider.


Are you searching for the quickest caravan importers in New Zealand? Our partners can pick up your vehicle in the US and ship it to New Zealand on our direct weekly service. From Los Angeles, it will take 14 to 28 days for your car, caravan, motorbike, RV, or boat to arrive in New Zealand.


Additionally, we handle weekly sailings to and from the UK. Shipping a vehicle from the United Kingdom to New Zealand takes between 32 and 42 days, depending on whether you use container shipping or a RORO service.


Cultural advantages

Unlike USA vehicles, UK Car models have the steering wheel on the same side of the car as New Zealand models. This cultural similarity means a UK caravan import may feel more familiar. You can use it confidently from the get-go without an adjustment period to get used to it.


Price Comparison

When you import a caravan from overseas, keeping an eye out for competitive pricing is a must. Whether you prefer imports from the UK or USA, the international market offers a far greater vehicle selection.


When comparing prices, the import itself will generally be cheaper from the USA because it is closer than the UK. Notwithstanding this, your caravan itself may be cheaper in the UK, potentially eliminating the extra shipping cost.


Choose our experienced and affordable shipping service!

As you can see, caravan imports from the US and the UK both have advantages and disadvantages. If you’re pressed for time and prefer the look of a US caravan model, import from the US! But be prepared for an adjustment period while getting used to a steering wheel on the left side. If you are not pressed for time and prefer the aesthetic of a British caravan featuring steering on the right side (as NZ vehicles do), you have your choice. No matter which international market you buy in, ensure that your chosen shipping company is the best; choose McCullough.


No matter your preferred import location, McCullough will ensure your vehicle is safely shipped to New Zealand, arriving in the best timeframe and condition. McCullough has over 20 years of international vehicle shipping experience and can confidently import your vehicle or caravan to New Zealand for you. 


Are you importing a vehicle from another location? Get in touch today to discover our shipping timeframes from other parts of Europe, Asia, America, and elsewhere.

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