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The World’s Most Luxurious Caravans

Posted on August 31, 2017 – Caravans & Motorhomes


Caravanning has changed a lot over the last few decades but it is still somewhat suffering from a bad reputation inherited from its early days, calling to mind cramped space, a total lack of comfort and privacy and very basic features. Going on holiday in a caravan was an adventure only for die-hard enthusiasts. For everybody else, it was punishment, and nobody remotely young or cool would ever consider being seen anywhere near one!

But times have changed and luxury caravans nowadays look like 5-star hotels on wheels, enabling you to experience an outdoor lifestyle without compromising on comfort.

Mayfair Caravan by Auto-Sleeper

Just its name says it all: it was baptised ‘Mayfair’ after the most expensive street on the Monopoly board, also an exclusive area in London.

Just above 7m long, this caravan is home away from home – if it’s not even more comfortable than your home. Sleeping arrangements include a fixed double bed at the rear and a convertible foam-upholstered double bed at the front that transforms into a sitting area.

The bathroom is fitted with a tiled shower cubicle, top of the range swivel toilet, a washbasin as well as a shaving socket. The kitchen includes everything you would expect in a luxury caravan: oven, grill, microwave oven, electric hob as well as a fridge and freezer. A TV set is cleverly stored in a self-raising module which disappears into a cabinet when you are finished. A barbecue and DVD player are also part of the standard model.

If you are not yet impressed, keep reading, as, now, we are entering the realm of coolness.

Caravans in summer may be fine, but nobody will catch you shivering in one of them in the winter, no matter how luxurious it looks. However, with the Mayfair, you will be snug like a bug in a bug thanks to underfloor heating and water tanks, which also present the advantage of not taking up space. You can sink your toes in deep pile carpet while you relax and admire the elegant lighting scheme which contributes to the sense of openness. There is even a choice of three upholstery styles to suit a range of taste.

The Mayfair comes with a single axle tourer, an ATC Trailer Control and an AKS 3004 stabiliser making it refreshingly easy to tow.

Vanmaster Occasion TBEW

Vanmaster caravans have long been synonyms with luxury and quality and the Occasion TBEW certainly continues the tradition.

The make prides itself on its outstanding service and offers their customers personalisation of their caravans with a range of upholstery, worktops, carpets, hobs and sinks. Although Vanmaster caravans are hard-wearing, the company also has a refurbishing department if you fancy a change after a few years or you feel that your caravan’s interior could do with some updating.

The caravans are built using only the finest materials for its fixtures and furnishings, such as American ash wood for the cabinetry and doors, and plush carpets throughout. The Occasion is a 4-berth model with heating underfloor to maximise space and the layout includes a transverse fixed double bed at the rear and a washroom. With an internal length of 6.5m, it leaves plenty of room for living, sleeping, washing and cooking.

Buccaneer Schooner

Buccaneer caravans have a long list of high-spec finishes. A 4-berth caravan, the Schooner offers all the fittings you would expect without compromising on space. The sitting area converts into a double bed and there is also a real bedroom at the rear, with en-suite bathroom comprising of a shower cubicle, washbasin and toilet.

It comes with a satellite dish as standard and, for those who like cool gadgets, note that you will be able to control the heating system via text messages!

Tabbert Paganini 655 DF

The Germans are well known for making quality vehicles, and manufacturers Tabbert certainly prove this with the Paganini 655 DF. Combining automobile and traditional caravan designs, they deliver a unique high-end finish with this model.

As you would expect, high-quality materials are noticeable throughout, be it in the woodwork, leather or stainless steel features. It may not have all the singing-and-dancing technology of the Buchaneer but it is obvious that no expense has been spared to create an opulent interior.

Dutchman Voltage 3900 Toy Hauler

From America comes the mighty Dutchman Voltage 3900.

The US have a reputation for supersizing and the Dutchman is certainly no exception. It is so humongous that it requires a triple axel to support it and, at 4m high –that’s twice the height of the Mayfair - and 6 tons unloaded, nothing less than a powerful, articulated vehicle is able to tow it. It is actually so large that it isn’t allowed in many countries so, should you be tempted to buy one, do check that it will be accepted where you are planning on taking it.

There are three slide-out sections: One for a large master bedroom, a second one for a panoramic sofa which makes way for a kitchen island, and the third one a 4-m garage with a spring-assisted ramp door, large enough for a few mountain bikes, or even a couple of quad bikes according to the manufacturer.

Creature comforts inside are in keeping with the luxurious credentials of the caravan, from the 40-inch HD flat screen TV, the home theatre surround sound system, a double-door fridge-freezer and a cedar-lined walk-in dressing room.

Any of these beauties will set you back between NZ$45,000 and NZ$100,000, but for those in love with the lifestyle, those caravans are among the best money can buy.

We transport all sorts of vehicles internationally, including caravans and motorhomes, so if you are looking for an experienced international freight-forwarding company, contact us on +64 9 309 1163 or via email. You can also request a quote online. We work closely with customers and Port Authorities to ensure that your caravan gets from A to B smoothly and that you can carry on exploring the great Kiwi outdoors without delay.

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