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Guide to Importing Your Vehicle into New Zealand

Posted on September 30, 2013

Importing a vehicle into New Zealand can be relatively straight forward. However, New Zealand does have strict vehicle compliance regulations so it is important that you make sure before you ship that your vehicle will be one of the thousands that are imported from overseas into New Zealand every year without any issues.

  1. Vehicle emissions: Your vehicle will need to be Euro 4 emission compliant. A good vehicle freight-forwarder in New Zealand will be able to check for you to make sure your vehicle is Euro 4 emission compliant. There are exceptions to this requirement, for example if you qualify under the personal immigrant vehicle scheme or if your vehicle is older than 20 years old.
  2. Frontal impact: Your vehicle will also have to meet frontal impact safety requirements. Again a good vehicle forwarder in New Zealand will be able to confirm whether your vehicle meets these standards.
  3. General safety requirements. All vehicles will need to meet general safety requirements. This means if your vehicle has rust or needs replacement parts or repairs, this will have to be fixed before the vehicle is certified as being allowed on New Zealand roads.
  4. Paperwork: Your vehicle will need to be accompanied by the correct paper work. This will include the vehicle purchase invoice, the original registration or title and a copy of the shipping bill of lading. Other paperwork or permits may be required depending on the vehicle origin, the vehicle itself and your importing circumstances.

Every vehicle has its own history and every importer has their own circumstances that is why it is important that you look for a freight forwarder in New Zealand who specialises in shipping motor vehicles. That way you can be guided on what paperwork is needed for customs, MPI and compliance.

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