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Great Start To The New Year for McCullough Ltd

Posted on January 3, 2012 – Shipping Vehicles

Experienced importers of cars and motor vehicles, McCullough Limited, responsible for roughly a third of all motor vehicle imports into New Zealand, is set to follow up a year of immense growth with further expansion in the American, British, and Australian markets.

As we move further into the new year, we close the door on a year of unprecedented expansion for McCullough Limited. In 2012, our client return rate showed the world that McCullough Limited is the best in the business when it comes to importing vehicles into NZ. “The growth of our business, and the quality of our customer care have placed us in the top of our industry” said Joe Steele, of McCullough Limited, who also went on to stress that their client’s experience was always “stress, hassle, and worry free, the way it should be”.

February 2012 saw the addition of Daniel Hepburn to our intrepid team, overseeing the ever-growing number of private vehicle imports from the UK alongside Joe. In addition to growing success in the UK market, the well-connected Mr. Hepburn also brought with him a veritable wealth of contacts and associates from previous companies, allowing us to open the doors to importing out of the USA, as well as potential work exporting and importing cars from Australia.

The team’s overwhelming success in private imports came at a price, however, and Dan and Joe soon found that a third hand was needed to ensure this rapid growth continued smoothly, maintaining the great reputation that McCullough Limited has built. Enter Ben Wood. In October, Ben left the world of IT and security to join Daniel and Joe. Thanks to Ben’s loyalty, attention to detail, and work ethic, this has enabled Daniel to concentrate on business in Australia, and some of the more... interesting one of a kind jobs. Big things would be in store for Daniel, however, as a wave of ex-kiwis returning to New Zealand sparked a surge of imports from Australia. Daniel’s competent handling of the imports he oversaw only served to increase the reputation of McCullough in the eye of his clients, as each of them saw their vehicle handled with great care and competence.

Joe, Daniel, and Ben have worked all through the holiday period to ensure a surge of January car imports from the UK and car imports from Australia would go smoothly, starting 2013 off right, and demonstrating the commitment of McCullough Limited, and why so many clients come back after using us.

And, with vehicle imports from Australia coming thick and fast, it looks set to be another great year for McCullough Limited.

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