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Want to Import Your Own Personal Cop Car?

Posted on October 31, 2015

Want to Import Your Own Personal Cop Car?

A company in the UK called USA Cop Cars has shown that you really can get your hands on the genuine law enforcement article if you look really hard – or, alternatively, you could just give them a call and get McCullough to ship it from the UK.

Although the Ford Crown Victoria stopped production in 2011, they are still the iconic police Interceptor based around a 4.6-litre V8 Ford Mustang engine with a three-speed automatic transmissions (plus overdrive) and a suspension from an F150 pickup which is suitable for off-road chases thanks to the 235/55 R16 pursuit-rated Goodyear Eagle tyres on steel rims.

Of course it’s left-hand drive, and certainly not for those who like to keep a low profile. But an Interceptor comes with working lights (including a hand-controlled driver’s side spotlight), siren and a 100-watt PA system through which you can play the radio.

Of course, to get one of these into New Zealand, it’s going to have to comply with our legislation (for example only legitimate police cars can have red and blue flashing lights) but McCullough have years of experience and can advise you how to get a statement of compliance which lists the standards which comply with NZ regulations.

McCullough can also spot potential problems before the vehicle is shipped to New Zealand and help to arrange to have them fixed before it arrives.

Of course, police vehicles have usually had a tough old life before they get sold on, but if you search around, it’s still possible to get one with relatively low mileage. And, because they have been looked after by a law enforcement agency, they are guaranteed to have a full service record.

Being able to drive a truly unique car can be fun and you’re sure to turn heads in an Interceptor – and there’s always plenty of stories to tell about what it might have been used for in its former life. (Interestingly, all Interceptors have release handles on the inside of the boot just in case someone finds themselves bound, gagged and thrown in the back!)

If you’re interested in importing a unique car into New Zealand from Europe, the United States or Australia, contact us on +64 9 303 0075, info@mmnz.biz or via the website.

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