Importing Motor Vehicles in to New Zealand – Vehicle Certification

If you are not sure if your car complies in New Zealand, Please ask us or go to – This will help you to determine whether or not your vehicle will be able to be entry certified and registered for use on New Zealand roads.

New Zealand laws, regulations and requirements with regards to vehicle entry certification and registration are unique and can seem quite onerous when compared to other jurisdictions – PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT BECAUSE A VEHICLE HAS BEEN REGISTERED AND OPERATED IN ANOTHER COUNTRY PREVIOUSLY THAT IT CAN BE USED IN ZEW ZEALAND.

If you still cannot determine whether the vehicle you wish to import can be entry certified and registered for use in New Zealand, please contact the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association technical advisory service on for further information.

The entry process…

Privately and commercially imported used and parallel imported new vehicles have to go through a strict and thorough entry certification process and be approved for registration prior to use on our roads.

This involves checking documentation against NZTA criteria, and invasively inspecting the vehicle’s structure, and mechanical condition. During the inspection, special consideration is given to any corrosion, damage, previous repairs and any modifications – any issues with these areas may require further inspection and certification by other NZTA appointed specialist certifiers.

The entry certification inspection itself can take a few days – this includes the time required for the removal of interior trim, under body shielding, and disassembly of brakes. This all depends on how busy the compliance centre is at time of certification.

Once the vehicle has passed the entry certification inspection, it is issued with a Warrant of Fitness and approval to register the vehicle (NZTA for MR2A – application for registration). The owner can then register the vehicle and operate it on our roads.

Vinz vehicle inspections

“As an authorised NZTA vehicle entry certifier with over twenty years’ experience VINZ will take the hassle out of the process of ensuring your vehicle is compliant to enter the New Zealand vehicle fleet”

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