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Top Tips for stress-free Vehicle Shipping

Posted on December 13, 2020


Anything that makes your life easier, you’re interested to hear about, right? 

We thought as much.

For many, shipping a vehicle long distance is a chore where you don’t know where to start.   But fear not!  It doesn’t have to be the headache you are envisaging.    

McCullough Shipping has made it very easy for you to ship your car, campervan, boat, motorbike, vintage car and even heavy machinery, anywhere in the world. By following our simple tips, it will be a painless process and ensure your vehicle will be with you as soon as possible.


Plan ahead 

We recommend organising the shipping of your vehicle as soon as possible.  This doesn’t mean 6 months ahead of time – more like 2-4 weeks ahead of time.     


Choose your shipping company carefully

They are instrumental in the success of transportation and take clear of all the boring legal work for you. 

Whoever you choose, we want it to go smoothly for you, but remember, price shouldn’t be your only consideration.  Ask questions and make sure there are no hidden costs at your destination, as we’ve seen people get ‘stung’ by shipping companies before.

Choose an established company with a solid reputation for importing vehicles globally. Check out their reviews, how quickly they respond to your questions and what their shipping process looks like. The more transparency the better!


Safety standards

Are there safety standards your vehicle needs to meet before arriving at its destination point?  Has the destination port introduced new safety measures in a response to Covid19?  Your shipping company should know the current ins-and-outs of international ports, so make sure they hold all the current information.


Empty the fuel tank

Vehicles with more than ¼ tank full cannot be shipped for safety reasons.  So, keep an eye on the gauge to avoid hassles and delays.


Clean your car

MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) check for mud, rubbish and insects before shipping your vehicle.  Ensure it has been washed thoroughly both inside and out, paying particular attention to the underside, the engine bay and the boot.  A vehicle which doesn’t meet strict standards will be delayed until the authorities are satisfied.


Avoid any inner cargo

This includes suitcases, sports equipment and other large items.

If you must ship inner cargo, it is very important to declare everything that is shipped with your car.

If your car is going over the equator, we recommend adding moisture absorbers to the pockets of the driver and passenger seats to avoid damage to your car’s upholstery.   McCullough Shipping will always put moisture absorbers in your car as part of the service.


Marine insurance

Like all insurances, marine insurance will give you peace of mind from pickup to delivery.  Most shipping companies (like McCullough Shipping) will be able to organise this for you.


Take lots of photos of your vehicle

Inside, outside, closeups of scratches, special details – get snap-happy.  Though we don’t foresee anything happening to your vehicle during transportation, these photos will be important should you need to make a claim.


If you have any questions about shipping your vehicle, or you’d simply like a quote, feel free to contact us, phone us +64 9 303 0075, or get a free quote.


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