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Tips when moving pets overseas

Posted on January 11, 2020



They’re part of the family, so it comes as no surprise when you move overseas you will consider moving your fur baby as well.  


If you have children, moving without a much-loved pet can be heart-wrenching. The calming effects an animal makes on a family may also help everyone adjust to a new life and a new town.  


  1. Allow yourself plenty of time to organise the paperwork and booking details.  There will steps you hadn’t considered and identification to be established.  Once your move is confirmed, set the wheels in motion for your pet’s move too.


  1. Ensure all vaccinations are current as pets without (or outdated) vaccinations will be denied transportation.  A blood test before travel may also be a legal requirement.


  1. Register with a vet in your destination country.  A check-up soon after arriving will help you and your pet adjust to a new life.   


  1. Use an animal transport company.  They will make sure you have all the necessary paperwork, meet overseas regulations and your pet will travel in an airline-approved crate (just as McCullough take care of the paperwork when moving vehicles between countries and cities).


        Perhaps it’s not a cat or dog you’re moving abroad, perhaps it is a bearded dragon or a guinea pig! An approved pet carrier ensures there aren’t any unwanted surprises come ‘flying day’.


  1. Are you moving into a different house setup as before?  If your current home is a single level abode with a garden, and the new home is an apartment, this will take some adjusting for a cat or dog. Research what’s in your new local area (dog walking services, local parks or beaches) to help with the transition.


Moving your beloved pet/s overseas needn’t be stressful and difficult.  We recommend giving yourself enough time, do your homework and ask lots of questions so you have a full understanding of how the travel timeline will proceed.  








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