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Tips when moving high-value items

Posted on November 6, 2019


Jewellery (either high in money value and/or emotional value), pieces of art, antique furniture and vintage cars are just some examples of high-value items you’ll want to think about when packing for your next big move. 


Though it’s impossible to safeguard against the unexpected, there are certain steps you can take to make the likelihood of valuable items being lost or damaged in transit, is kept to a minimal.   



Take digital photos from all angles

An inventory of your valuable items is a must when preparing for a big move.  In the unlikely event, anything should go missing or be damaged, photos are very important for insurance purposes.  Also, type up a list of all items in each box, so you have a clear idea of what is inside when you and your belongings arrive at your new home.       



Take the small items with you

Jewellery, cameras and cash are best kept close to you.  Wear jewellery is even better so it is impossible to forget in a bathroom or café.   



Leave the big stuff to the professionals

Though it is recommended to pack your household items, shipping companies and experienced movers have all the right packing materials and documents to move those large expensive items from one country to another.   Vehicles including vintage cars, large television screens, king size beds or your grandmother’s antique sideboard all need special care and attention so handling these items over the professionals is priceless.  Find out who specialises in such pieces well before you need them to make your move as stress-free as possible.



Don’t label well

This is one of those times when you don’t want to advertise what’s inside.  Wrapping valuable items in socks or inside things such as cake tins will make them inconspicuous. 



Store like with like

Another tip is to pack valuable items with other valuable items. They can all be housed inside a smaller box, making them the obvious choice for movers to place that box at the top of the pile. 











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