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Tips to Keep Kids Amused when Moving House

Posted on April 17, 2021


With borders now open between Australia and New Zealand, job opportunities will begin to open and ex-pats may consider moving back to their homeland.


If you have small children, packing and moving can be a let’s say, ‘an adventure’.   Children have an uncanny way of knowing when you’re super busy or under pressure and unconsciously seem to do all they can to make the situation harder!


Here are our top tips to keep them occupied and happy while you navigate your big move …


Draw about the move

Are they excited about the move or are they worried?  Get them drawing (and writing if they are old enough) about moving.  Are they going to see grandparents, cousins, or relocating near a beach?  Encourage them to get excited about the move and the new experiences they will have. 


Let them help you with labelling

Children love to feel grown-up and helpful.  You can write out the labels while your kids can stick them on the boxes.  It’s a simple task most ages can help with, and it can even become a game.  Also, consider an ice block reward to entice them to finish the job quickly ???? 


Ask for help

Contact local friends and family about your moving date and plans and ask them to supervise your children. Their support will be invaluable, especially if they take them out for the day or organise a sleepover.  Having the kids away from the house gives you the time to pack fragile items, cancel services and tackle items to be donated, sold or binned.  


Make the most of movies

Around moving time, Netflix (or similar) is your friend.  It’s amazing what you can achieve when uninterrupted for 90 minutes!


Final Note

Once you’ve booked the furniture movers, it’s time to sort out your car, campervan, boat and/or motorbike. McCullough Shipping is leaders in international vehicle shipping with over 30 years of experience to draw from. McCullough Shipping removes the need for hours of research, phoning and international documentation.  Simply fill out the FREE SHIPPING QUOTE and they’ll help you make the move with ease and confidence.    

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