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Tips for Shipping your Motorbike Overseas

Posted on February 13, 2019


Typically, customers want to have their bike professionally shipped because of job relocation. And why not! With so much to consider, organise and pack, investing in a professional vehicle shipment company is your best option. 

But with our 25-plus years of shipping experience, we can also assist anyone buying and selling classic bikes or enthusiasts planning the bike tour of a lifetime across America's mid-West.   This is because shipping your own bike is cheaper than renting a bike from a reputable company for a couple of weeks in US dollars!

There are just a few practical tips to follow first to warrant your bike is shipped without delay and arrives safely.


McCullough's Top Motorbike Shipping Tips:

  1. Ensure your motorbike has less than a quarter of fuel in the tank (it won’t be shipped with more).
  1. For safety reason, please disconnect the battery.
  1. Clean your motorbike thoroughly before your bike is collected from your home.  MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) will be looking for mud, plant material and insects, so pay particular attention to the wheels and guards.
  1. Consider marine insurance (we can provide a comprehensive policy covering origin pickup to destination drop off). 
  1. Remember to take close up photos of both sides of your motorbike.  This is for your own piece of mind and you know exactly what your motorbike looked like before shipping.  


So, what are we responsible for?

We provide a complete solution for motorbike shipping. From your door to your destination point we are veterans in the shipping trade.  All motorbikes are securely strapped to a wooden frame to keep it upright and locked in place.


We’ll ship, Customs and MAF clear your motorbike for you anytime, anywhere.  It's as simple as using the online quote form.  It's simple and it's fast.


Still not sure what to expect?  You can browse our recent shipment images here including classic motorbikes.

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