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The World’s Top 10 Most Haunted Roads

Posted on April 30, 2016 – Road Trips

Urban legends, ghost tours, haunted houses, horror films: mankind’s fascination with the paranormal is never ending. But one place you wouldn’t expect to see ghosts is busy, practical highways. Yet, they have their share of strange happenings. So if you are scared of things that go “bump” in the night, make sure to avoid them.

Kinmont Straight on the A75, Scotland
For the last five decades, this road in South West Scotland has been the scene of numerous ghost sightings, so much so that the road has been nicknamed ‘the Ghost Road’ and earned the title of most haunted road in Scotland. It is your typical ghost story, with sudden apparitions of people in front of vehicles, sending drivers in a panic… only for them to disappear as unexplainably as they appeared.

Kelly Road, Pennsylvania, US
Laid on the site that was once a centre of cult activity, a one-mile stretch of Kelly Road, called the ‘Mystery Mile’, is said to have been cursed. Lonely drivers at night have seen animals turning violent as soon as they enter that area and chasing other animals and even people. Sightings of a ragged boy walking through residents’ backyards in a halo of eerie white light have also been reported.

The Devil’s Promenade, Missouri, US
Every evening, an orb of light is said to be visible through the trees. Although it is most often green, it has been observed in different colours and various sizes. For once, this supernatural happening has a rather gentle, sweet origin: legend says that it is the spirit of two Native American lovers looking for each other.

Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio, US
This bend owes its sinister name to a particularly sharp turn in the road which has claimed many lives.

In 1969, five teenagers died at this location in a car accident. The only passenger to survive has reported seeing a ghost hitchhiker five times since then, with a flat, blank surface where its face should be, walking slowly by the sides of the road to suddenly vanish.

Other witnesses have seen visions of the car of a 1969 accident, as well as of antique carriages that fell off the road over a century ago.

Stocksbridge Bypass, England
Since it was finished in 1989, this road has been the site of many troubling apparitions such as children playing under the bridge late at night. A monk has also been seen on several occasions, most of the time looking out, but sometimes suddenly appearing sitting next to people inside their cars! If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, nothing will!

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong?
Haunted locations are usually steeped in history and one wouldn’t think of a new highway as a typical site for paranormal activity. Tuen Mun Road was built in 1977 and started as an unremarkable road, whose main claim to fame was its frequent traffic jams and road accidents.

That was all to change.

On July 10, 2003, a bus and a truck collided on a bridge, knocking the bus off the bridge which plunged 35m (115ft) into a village below, causing 21 deaths.

Since then, locals have reported numerous sighting of ghosts in the middle of the road, forcing drivers to swerve to avoid them, and often resulting in more deaths.

To make matters worse, legend has it that, in a vicious circle, each new dead person joins the rank of the existing ghosts to haunt Tuen Mun road – and create more accidents. Spirits also take advantage of drivers being stuck in the frequent traffic jams to hitch a ride inside their cars. So no matter what you do, they’re going to get you!

Clinton Road, New Jersey, US
If you are driving this road at midnight and fancy a bit of spooky, stop at the Old Boy Bridge and toss a penny in the river. The ghost of a boy who drowned there will throw it back at you!

Other paranormal sightings include a grey wolf with red eyes that stalks people, Devil worshippers hanging their blood-stained clothes to dry, weird animals allegedly created through inbreeding and abominable genetic manipulation in an abandoned zoo nearby, ghost pick-ups who will chase you off the road, oh, and strange lights in the sky.

Those apparitions have been witnessed around a particularly tricky curve which has been the site of many accidents and deaths, explaining why it is so heavily haunted.

Belchen Tunnel, Basel, Switzerland
The Belchen Tunnel was opened to traffic in 1966 and nothing out of the ordinary happened until the early 1980s.

The first reports of supernatural manifestations described a male hitchhiker who, after being picked up, disappeared from the car at high speed. Since then, the tunnel’s resident ghost is that of an old woman wearing white clothes and named, you guessed it, ‘the white lady’. She is known to appear out of nowhere in front of cars and was first picked up by two ladies. When they asked her whether she was well, she replied that she wasn’t and that something awful was going to happen. The two ladies looked at the back seat…. And the woman had disappeared.

Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin, US
There are several versions of what happened on this isolated road. In one, a troop of boy scouts was murdered there by their bus driver while on a camping trip; in another it was their troop leader who did it. A third story is that the boys simply vanished and were never found…

Drivers passing through at night have reported apparitions of boys, sometimes covered in blood. To increase suspicion, the road is now on private land and access is prohibited…

Shades of Death Road, New Jersey
Actually sign-posted ‘Shades of Death Road’, this road is spookier than the others. White lights can be seen burning off the road. You don’t want to look at them, though: if they turn red when you are looking at them, you're toast!

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