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Qualities of a Premium Horse Float Brand

Posted on December 19, 2022

Qualities of a Premium Horse Float Brand

At McCullough's, we have over 20 years of experience in shipping and have helped hundreds of clients ship their animals to New Zealand. We understand the importance of investing in premium horse float brands when bringing your pony or horse to NZ.


What features indicate a premium horse float?

We have completed many successful animal imports with heavy equipment shipping, specifically transporting stunning horses. Our team have noticed the difference a premium horse float brand makes when bringing your horse to New Zealand. However, what constitutes a premium horse float brand? Below, we share some key indicators of a premium horse float.



A premium horse float brand will offer a wide range of sizes depending on your needs. You may have multiple horses to transport, and many premium horses float brands will cater to this. We recommend Elite Floats for those looking for a premium horse float for multiple horses.


Brake systems

High-quality brake systems are integral when choosing the best horse float brands. It goes without saying that when shipping animals, you want excellent brake systems to reduce the chances of injury and prevent damage to your float.


Materials & amenities

The materials and amenities are a top consideration when browsing premium horse float brands. The primary material options are steel, aluminium, or fibreglass.


For safety, premium horse float brands will opt for a roofing material with insulating properties, such as fibreglass. Similarly, amenities will make a difference in your horse's comfort. From a water dispenser to hay racks, a premium horse float brand will ensure the best experience for your horse. Boeckmann is an example of a brand that picks high-quality materials with available amenities.


Tyres & wheels

When transporting a horse, tyres require at least 2mm of tread depth to pass a warrant safety check. An important feature that indicates a premium horse float is heavy-duty wheels. The wheels are even more important when you are looking to transport multiple horses to NZ.



New Zealand has two standards for towballs and couplings: the metric 50mm version and the imperial 1 7/8 inch. Your horse float must meet these standards before it's successfully towed and brought into the country. 



Another tell-tale sign of a premium horse float brand is the flooring. Always look at the flooring to check that it is watertight. The aluminium or rubber floor coverings must be sealed and keep all urine and water within the horse float. 


Good ventilation

Think about the potential temperature inside the float and ensure sufficient ventilation for your animals' wellbeing. Premium horse floats often have additional windows and vents to maximise your horses' comfort. A premium horse float brand that offers both good ventilation and sealed flooring is Prestige Trailers.


Ship with McCullough

At McCullough, we're not just a vehicle importer but are well-versed in animal, general cargo, and heavy equipment shipping. With more than 20 years of importing and exporting experience, you can trust us to ship your items safely. Talk to us today.

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