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Shipping your vehicle from the UK to New Zealand

Posted on August 25, 2020


Why should I use a freight forwarder?

Shipping vehicles between countries or from city to city takes a lot of paperwork, and if you don’t understand what is expected of you, it can mean a lot of unnecessary worry.  

McCullough Shipping has been shipping vehicles of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years and handle around 30% of the motor vehicles coming into New Zealand.    Our 3-step shipping process makes it extremely easy for customers while we take care of customs clearance, packing/stuffing, documentation, foreign exchange and transportation.  A full list of our services can be found online. 


What do I have to do?

  1. Check to ensure your vehicle will comply with NZ regulations.
  2. Take lots of digital photos (including close-ups) of your vehicle for insurance reasons.
  3. Purchase marine insurance for peace of mind – we can help you with this too.


What if I need to transport my vintage car, campervan or motorbike?

No problem. Many of our UK customers want to relocate with their campervan or speciality vehicles. We can even ship heavy machinery and boats if that’s what you need. 


Where can I ship my vehicle from?

If you opt for the RORO service (roll on roll off) your car will leave from Southampton and travel to Auckland.  If you opt for the container service option your car will leave from Felixstowe and travel to Auckland, Lyttleton and other major New Zealand ports.  We can also arrange for your vehicle to be collected and taken to the port.  


How much does it cost to ship from the UK to NZ?

Custom charges are based on the type of vehicle being transported plus 15% tax for most vehicles.  Some vehicles qualify for free entry into New Zealand, so contact us first to see if this applies to you.  Fill out our shipping quote form and we will give you a better idea of costs.  


How long will it take for my vehicle to arrive in New Zealand?

There are weekly sailings and typically take between 32 to 42 days.


Most importantly

Make sure your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly.  With a viral pandemic and the threat of stink bugs travelling inside your vehicle, MPI (The Ministry for Primary Industries) have strict guidelines and any vehicle not clean will be delayed from being released. 


Talk to us about transporting your car, boat, motorhome, digger or motorbike - we're ready to answer your questions and get you on your way!

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