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Shipping a Motorhome Across the World

Posted on June 11, 2019

Packing it all in, the job, the house, the routine, and travelling abroad for 8 months.  No, it isn’t a pipe dream for Kiwi travellers, Neil and Renee. After the children had flown the nest Neil and Renee saw no reason why they shouldn’t too.


Not wanting to be locked into public transport and pricey accommodation they purchased a new motorhome in England before exploring the continent. 


Driving their own accommodation from country to country meant Neil and Renee could discover a more intimate part of Europe, giving them the freedom to drive and travel at a pace of their own. 


After 8 months of lifelong memories and a big tick for the bucket list, the couple returned to New Zealand deciding to bring the motorhome with them.  Not eligible for carry-on luggage, this meant the motorhome needed to be shipped from Southampton, England to Auckland, New Zealand.


Expecting the shipping process to be nothing short of a nightmare, Neil and Renee were pleasantly surprised by what McCullough could do for them.  Warrant of fitness, road user charges, MPI, customs, recommendations, foreign exchange, certificate of conformity, PDI for new vehicles, temporary registration – these are the type of documents McCullough can take care of, so the travellers didn’t have to. 


This was music to Neil’s ears who freely admits ‘we knew nothing about this and there’s bureaucracy and paperwork for Africa’!   In a so-called paperless society, this is simply not the case when it comes to shipping vehicles, says Joe Steele of McCullough Limited. 


Follow the couple and their experiences of buying, travelling and the nuts and bolts of transporting a motorhome across the world with the help of McCullough Limited.


Ready for your adventure of a lifetime?  Start the conversation with a quick phone call or email and McCullough will steer you in the right direction.   


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