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Very Rare Porsche 911 Sport Classic for Sale After Covering Only 130 km

Posted on February 15, 2017 – Classic Cars

Very Rare Porsche 911 Sport Classic for Sale After Covering Only 130 kmIn recent years, auctions have seen record prices agreed for the purchase of classic cars, and the recent auction of a very rare Porsche 911 Sport Classic definitely created a stir among petrolheads.

Launched by the luxury car manufacturer in 2010, this limited edition of the model was created by Porsche Exclusive, the team behind their most expensive models, and took three years to develop. And when they say limited, they mean it: only 250 of those exquisite cars were produced. It never made it onto the American market as the mandatory certification required for commercialisation there would have proved too costly on such a short run, but it certainly didn’t deter Porsche lovers from all over the world as all the 911 produced were bought as soon as they left the production line and the model was in fact sold out even before it was officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

With only 250 fortunate owners, this Porsche 911 left a lot of heartbroken admirers who could do nothing but weep as they admired it in Frankfurt. However, a pristine example was unexpectedly put for sale in London in January 2017, creating a buzz of excitement among classic car lovers. Not only was the Porsche in exceptional condition but, incredibly, it had only 130km on its odometer. It was an opportunity for one person to get a second chance!

The limited production number of this particular model undoubtedly explains its value, but that would be ignoring its real aesthetical appeal.

Although it was based on the standard Porsche 911 Carrera S, it differs in several significant ways. The bodywork is definitely that of the standard 911 Carrera S, with the addition of bold fender flares, a wider rear track and a striking double-dome roof. But while the Carrerra S often sported bright paintwork, all samples of this edition distinguish themselves with the adoption of the understated elegance of the ‘Sport Classic Grey’, only brightened up by discreet racing stripes along the body shell. The front fascia is capped with a customised design and the surrounds of the bi-xenon headlights are a sober black, as are the intake grids, mirror triangles and the mirror base.

However, there is no denying the august lineage of the Porsche 911 and references to iconic models of the past are obvious. The rear bumper is reminiscent of the GT3, but features a single sport exhaust tip under the tail lamps, and the black wheels are styled after the legendary Fuchs for a ‘classic’ look. And, of course, how could you miss the homage to the legendary 1973 Carrera RS 2.7 in the shape of a fixed ‘ducktail’ spoiler instead of the usual pop-up type from the standard Carrera models.

Despite its name, the 911 Sport Classic wasn’t meant to be a lightweight racing model so it comes with all the mod cons modern technology can get you: power accessories, air conditioning, Bose sound system and touchscreen navigation system. However, it manages to keep the weight down with the use of aluminium skin units instead of steel door panels, and weighs almost the same as the standard Carrera S.

In terms of power, the Sport Classic doesn’t disappoint. It uses the trusted 3.8-liter direct-injected flat-six engine signature of many Porsche cars and is fitted with a ‘Powerkit’ as standard equipment when it is an option in other models.

The engine management software was updated; the air filter casing is made of carbon fibre, and the cylinder heads have been modified. All in all, the Porsche 911 has nothing to envy racing cars with its 408 hp at 7,300 rpm and its 310 pound-feet of torque at 4,200 rpm. Power is transferred to the rear differential through a six-speed manual gearbox and Porsche’s conservative assessment is that the car is capable of reaching 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and 200 km/h in 14.8 seconds. Hold on to your hats!

As far as opulent interiors are concerned, that of the 911 Sport Classic is every bit as luxurious as you could expect. All Porsche are offered the customised ‘Porsche Exclusive’ components, but the Sport Classic takes it one step further. Whether you like or loathe the somewhat overwhelming dark brown colour palette, you can find some unusual and tasteful touches.

The upholstery in itself is unique. The ‘woven leather’ effect, as Porsche call it, had never been used in any car, not even Porsche’s, before. It is made by weaving strips of leather and yarn and strengthening the fabric thus obtained by lining it, and it was used to cover the seat inserts to great effect. A light grey piping offers an elegant contrast while fine leather covers the dashboard, the seats and the centre console and even the air vent louvers. The gearshift and handbrake are dressed with smooth polished aluminium and leather inserts and the glove box displays a limited edition plaque to confirm the car’s exclusive credentials.

Hexagon Classics, the company managing the auction in the UK, estimated that it was one of the very best classic cars available at the time and marketed it as ‘as new’.

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