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Most Popular Motorhomes in New Zealand for 2023

Posted on July 20, 2023

Most Popular Motorhomes in New Zealand for 2023

Most Popular Motorhomes in New Zealand for 2023

Motorhomes have long been the chariot of choice for Kiwis on holiday. From nifty little runabouts for spontaneous weekend trips to long-distance behemoths built to take you far and wide, there's a motorhome to suit every adventure. As one of the leading motorhome importers in New Zealand, we have compiled a list of the most popular motorhomes to help you get out of the house and onto the road.

What are the Types of Motorhomes Available in NZ?

Motorhomes come in various sizes to match the scale of any adventure you embark on. Before getting into the nitty gritty of makes and models, understanding the different classes of motorhomes is crucial to knowing which vehicle will suit you best.

Class A: The big boys of the motorhome world. A Class A motorhome body is built as one superstructure around a bus or truck chassis.

Class B: The smallest motorhome class, Class B motorhomes take a van's body and retrofit it with an interior and raised roof. These fun-sized explorers are the second most popular motorhome class in NZ.

Class C: These motorhomes are what most of us picture when we think of an RV, with its traditional overhanging sleeping quarters above the cabin. Built on small trucks or cutaway cab chassis, Class Cs are big but not quite as cumbersome as an A class. It's NZ's most popular motorhome class.

Most popular motorhomes - family camping with a motorhome

Our Favourite Motorhome Models

Benimar Mileo

The Benimar Mileo is a fantastic entry-level motorhome for beginners or anyone looking for a weekend getaway wagon. As one of the cheaper models around, these motorhomes offer great value for money while still providing a variety of spacious and functional floor plans. The Benimar Mileo range includes compact 6-meter motorhomes that are easy to manoeuvre while providing surprisingly spacious interiors with ample storage and living spaces. You won't feel cramped should the weather turn and you all need to curl up inside. Many models also come with well-equipped kitchens, providing all the necessary space and sizzle to satisfy any foodies. Built on a Fiat Ducato base, driving this motorhome feels more like a big car than a colossal home on wheels. Perfect for those new to the motorhome game, you'll have a much more comfortable drive when you nip away for the weekend. A Benimar Mileos is perfect for first-timers who aren't looking to get off the beaten track but rather explore towns and campgrounds across the country.

Roller Team Zefiro 696

Enjoy a five-star hotel feeling anywhere in the country with the Roller Team Zefiro 696. This Italian-made motorhome oozes opulence and can fit the whole family comfortably. For relaxing during the day, there is a spacious L-shaped lounge area draped in a contemporary interior finish and capable of seating up to five people. The lounge area once again conjures up feelings of a hotel, not a vehicle, with the sheer size of the space perfect for entertaining the kids with a few board games or the adults with a couple of drinks. The Zefiro 696 offers a private, peaceful sleeping experience with a rear island bed, bedside tables, and two wardrobes. The central door closes off this sleeping section, offering a level of privacy unheard of in a motorhome. The Zefiro 696 is less a motorhome and more so a hotel on wheels. This level of luxury is hard to find on the road and the reason it is one of the most popular motorhomes in New Zealand.

Carado T459

The Carado range has long led the pack when it comes to pound-for-pound style and functionality, and the all-new T459 has raised the bar yet again. Ticking all the boxes and then some, the Carado T459 is the ultimate motorhome all-rounder. Enjoy the freedom of travelling in the new and distinct Carado T459 motorhome featuring a one-of-a-kind Face-to-Face seating arrangement. This motorhome can easily accommodate up to four people, providing comfortable travel and sleeping arrangements. It is perfect for couples and families who prioritise spaciousness in their motorhome. One of the standout features of the Carado T459 is its well-designed kitchen area, equipped with a large refrigerator, separate freeze, and a 3-burner gas stove allowing you to enjoy home-cooked meals wherever your adventures take you. The comfortable sleeping arrangements, including a cosy double bed, ensure a restful night's sleep after a day of exploration.

Hit the Road with McCullough

Motorhomes allow the freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace, transforming the journey into something as special as the destination. If our list of the most popular motorhomes has inspired you to hit the road, contact McCullough today. We can help import vehicles so you can start your adventure immediately.

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