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Importing Heavy Machinery – What to Expect when Shipping

Posted on March 29, 2023

Importing Heavy Machinery – What to Expect when Shipping

Importing heavy machinery can be a burden if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, McCullough has decades of experience in shipping heavy equipment. We know what it takes to navigate NZ customs and regulations around importing to ensure you get the equipment you need when you need it. Discover how McCullough can help you import heavy machinery.


McCullough’s Three-Step Heavy Machinery Shipping Process

Here at McCullough, we pride ourselves on delivering end-to-end importing services; we’ll be there when your equipment is loaded, unloaded, and delivered directly to your door. Discover our step-by-step process that makes importing heavy machinery easy.

Step One: Packing

The first step in our heavy machinery importing process is determining your equipment’s dimensions and any special packing requirements. By leveraging our years of experience within the industry, we work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for importing your machinery before settling on an upfront quote with no hidden costs.


Through long-held and well-established connections worldwide, we can hand-pick local agents who specialise in vehicle/boat packing to personally oversee your equipment’s professional packing—giving you the peace of mind that your machinery is in the best hands possible. If needed, our local agents can make temporary changes to the equipment, such as disassembling it for more cost-effective shipping.


In terms of paperwork, we take care of that too! We can deliver all titles and export documentation to your compliance centre or private address. We even supply comprehensive marine insurance covering the entire shipping process.


Step Two: Shipping

Our well-established position within the industry means we can throw our weight around to get you the most competitive shipping rates and navigate Customs requirements with the expertise of seasoned veterans. We have shipped machinery worldwide, cleared by Customs and biosecurity; this has given us a comprehensive understanding of MAF, Customs, and Port requirements in both New Zealand and overseas. With all the hoops Customs require you to jump through, stumbling is almost inevitable for a private importer. Don’t risk your machinery getting held up or set back on arrival; hire the experts!


Step Three: Delivering

Smooth sailing throughout the shipping process gives way to a smoother delivery landing. Our team will get your cargo cleared and off the port as fast as possible. Once it's off the port, we'll whisk your machinery away to a secure warehouse, where it is unpacked and thoroughly inspected to ensure no damage has occurred during shipping. Your equipment is then safely delivered to your destination on purpose-built trucks.


Get Your Heavy Machinery Moving with McCullough

Importing heavy machinery can be tricky to navigate for businesses, both big and small. If you're considering importing machinery into New Zealand but want to avoid dealing with the logistical headaches involved, let the team at McCullough handle all your automotive shipping. As New Zealand’s leading automotive shipping and logistics company, you can rely on our expert team to get the job done smoothly. Get a quote today!

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