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How do we Ship Oversized Cargo?

Posted on March 13, 2019

How do we Ship Oversized Cargo?

Like booking to see the dentist or making an appointment to see your bank manager, the hardest part is getting started - everything else naturally follows. 


Over the decades we have shipped other large items as well.   Everything from Maori carvings to Japan, excavators from the UK, log lifters to Canada and fitness equipment to China.  There's been a catamaran or two as well.


We specialise in heavy machinery freight so if it's oversized, or an awkward shape and weighs numerous tonnes - rest assure we've moved it before.  Once you fill out online quote form (you can't miss it, it's on every page of the McCullough Shipping website) we pretty much take care of the rest.  No tricky questions, just date, dimension and destination details.  We don't make things hard for you, simply because they needn’t be. 


A typical shipping process is:

  1. You contact McCullough for a free quote.
  2. We’ll advise you on the most appropriate method of transportation and insurance (shipping or air freight).
  3. We’ll arrange shipping, customs clearance and transportation - regardless of size.
  4. We professionally pack and crate your cargo.
  5. We unpack it in a secure warehouse (we have access to 50,000 square feet of secure warehousing).
  6. We request your machinery is quickly discharged and cleared through MAF and Customs so that it can get out and start working.
  7. We deliver to the destination's door. 


We have a few requirements when dealing with heavy cargo, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.    Making sure there is no more than a quarter tank of fuel in the tank (it won’t be shipped with more), disconnecting the battery and draining the fluid from hydraulic lines are the main requirements, along with cleaning the machinery thoroughly before shipping.   This is to prevent dirt, insects and plant matter moving offshore where it isn't welcome.


And that's it!  Now that you know how easy it can be, now's a good time to fill out the online form.






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