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Good Passenger/Bad Passenger – which are you?

Posted on June 17, 2020


Some people are hard work as a car passenger.  Yep, you know who we’re talking about and they literally ‘drive you to distraction’.  Who’s knows, you might even be one yourself!


Bad passengers can make drivers stressed and distracted, and if they’re distracted then it’s dangerous for everyone.  Remember these tips next time you are the passenger.  


What makes a good passenger?

  1. Ask the driver if they are tired or in need of a break.
  2. Help with navigation, such as giving the driver plenty of time to get in the correct lane. 
  3. Keeping an eye out for parking spaces. 
  4. Sorting out the air conditioning, answering driver’s mobile and playing some easy-to-listen-to music.  Don’t overdo it though – it’s unlikely your driver wants you changing things too often.   


What makes a bad passenger?

  1. Constantly fiddling with the music, air conditioning and general fidgeting can be very distracting for the driver.  
  2. Complaining about being late.
  3. Negative comments about the driving style.
  4. Starting an argument, or bringing up topics that are best left for when you can both sit down and discuss without distractions.


Tips when you have children in the car

  1. Take breaks on long road trips.  This allows everyone to stretch their legs, make a toilet stop and fill your lungs with air.  
  2. Make sure there are snacks and drinks in the car to keep ‘hanger’ at bay.  A few lollies are fun to have in the car but eating too many can make everyone feel squeamish.  Some fruit and water are refreshing, while sandwiches and crackers can fill them up.   
  3. Is someone in the car prone to car sickness?  Make sure they have an anti-nausea tablet before the trip (Sea Legs is great for young ones as well as adults), or have them wear Sea Bands.  Seabands are a drug-free alternative which applies a constant pressure to the pulse points to relieve motion sickness.  Available in adult and child sizes too.  

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