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8 things to Bin/Donate/Sell before Moving Overseas

Posted on February 24, 2021


Moving to a new house, especially if it’s overseas, presents us with the opportunity to have a serious cleanout!  Its always a shock to discover how much is in your home, so you’ll want to make this big job a little smaller by ridding yourself of certain items. 



We understand you will want to keep a few favourites, but the majority should either be donated (think schools, charity shops and libraries) or sold in bulk (and well before it is time to relocate). 


Clothes which don’t fit anymore

Unless you recently gave your home a ‘Marie Kondo’ shake-up there will be clothes you don’t like, don’t fit anymore or simply don’t wear.  The same applies to footwear.  Keep what you love and feel good wearing and say goodbye to the rest.



Old power bills, instruction manuals and random notes that you will never action  – let them go!



Typically, these are heavy and bulky.  When was the last time the deep fryer was used?  We tend to consume much more than we need, and appliances are no exception.  Chances are, you’ll never give those appliances a second thought, and on the very rare occasion you do find yourself wanting them again they can easily be re-purchased at your new location.



No, not the city or football team (you couldn’t afford them anyway), we’re talking bedding and towels. Any Manchester which is faded, thinning or no longer a favourite with children (not many 12-year-olds are into Thomas the Tank Engine) shouldn’t follow you to your new home.


DVDs and CDs

How old is the DVD player?  Has anyone in your home even watched a DVD since Netflix, Apple TV and Neon?  

Unless you own records of sentimental or collectable value, dispose of records and CDs as most songs can now be downloaded from Spotify or Apple Music. 



This is where you really need to be ruthless.  Tools, gadgets and sports equipment.  Do you need to take your skis, poles and ski boots to the Gold Coast?  Probably not.  Just as you wouldn’t have much use for a surfboard in land-locked Aspen.   



We recommend digitalising all your sentimental favourites for safekeeping. There are several companies which offer this service so take advantage of them.  Go through photos that haven’t made it into a photo album and choose a selection of great good photos from each holiday/adventure/birthday etc.  Four photos of the same cathedral somewhere in Europe won’t evoke more memories than one photo.    




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