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Ensuring Your Car's Safety When Shipping Internationally

Posted on September 9, 2013

Car Carrier Truck Deliver New Auto Batch To Dealer When it isn't possible or practical to drive your car abroad, employing an international car shipping company is necessary. There is, however, something unavoidably worrying about watching your car disappear into the sunset, driven by someone you barely know. Will you ever see your car again?

To ensure that your car is safe and that you haven't inadvertently entrusted it to a rogue trader, all you need is some homework.

First of all, it is advisable to choose a local company, as it will be easier for you to check their credentials and even visit their offices if need be. Likewise, should something go wrong, resolving any dispute will be more straightforward.

Shipping is a competitive industry, and a freight company which is unreliable or has poor standards of customer service will simply not last long, so make sure to check when the business of your choice was established, as it will be a sure indication of its integrity.

Professional companies will also often be members of trade associations, and should have a valid government-issued license, as well as up-to-date and comprehensive insurance policies.

Like for any purchase, shop around and get quotes from at least 3 companies. Going with the best value for money is a tempting option, but if a quote comes significantly below the others, then it is likely that corners are being cut, or that you are not being given all the costs upfront. Either way, it could mean unpleasant surprises for you further down the line, as sloppy paperwork can result in hefty fines for you for example.

Last, when the driver comes to collect your car, ask to see their driver's certificate and driving license and the bill of lading for your car, and take a copy of them.

With these simple precautions, you can satisfy yourself that your car is in honest hands.

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