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eBussy - the Most Adaptable Vehicle ever made

Posted on November 25, 2020


What do you give the person who has everything, for Christmas? 


Well, if the budget allows (around $18,500 US), how about the eBussy?  Making its debut in 2021, the eBussy is Lego for grownups – a vehicle that can turn into ten different vehicles using different attachments. 


It can be a campervan, a dump truck, various pickup trucks and an everyday car, this is a vehicle for every scenario – for day to day use, to moving large objects, to holidaying.  If only everything was this versatile!


Operating from eight fully charged solar batteries, the eBussy has a maximum range of around 600km and generates around 200km day via the solar modules.  Buyers have the option to upgrade to 24 batteries which provide 30x kilowatt-hours.  It also has a top speed of 100km so there’s no worry of cyclists leaving you for dust!


Functional, safe, solar-powered and heavy-duty, this is German engineering at its best. Batteries are easily accessed, like opening an under bed drawer.  There are digital exterior windows, choose between standalone seats or bench-style seats, but perhaps the coolest thing of all is the adjustable steering wheel which can be left-handed, right-handed or smack bang in the middle!


EBussy makers, Electric Brands, is planning to build battery-switching stations to conveniently repower the battery packs when out and about, though batteries can also be charged at home in 3 hours. Electric Brands currently has two types of electric scooters and started work on the eBussy in 2018.  There are two chassis options to choose from– standard (around town) and off-road.  

What makes this vehicle even smarter?  Most electric vehicles are only "green" after 40,000 km. The eBussy can do this around 10,000km and is 98% recyclable. 


We think the eBussy will be the answer to many small business owners who need a variety of vehicles, depending on load, product delivery and a family car in one.



(image source: https://electricbrands.de/en/ebussy/) 




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